certgate AirID 2 Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader

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The AirID 2 is a wireless smart card reader at a credit card sized form factor which enables working wireless with almost any corporate smart card. The AirID 2 connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or non-mobile systems via Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth connection of AirID 2 is protected by an additional AES256 encryption. Existing NFC capabilities of your smart card will be maintained. Discover unlimited use cases such as convenient 2-factor authentication, smart card LogOn, distance auto log-off, mail and data encryption, etc. Using AirID 2, your smart card will always stay safe – with you!

Please note: The AirID 2 is not yet compatible with iPhone and Android phones for CAC/PIV use.

PN: AIRID002-200

Communication Interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy BLE (V4.2), USB (CCID and/or power supply) Smart Card Support

Contact Interface (ISO7816) for ID-1 (full-size) cards

Communication ProtocolT=0, T=1 protocol with secure chipKeys

  • Pairing for secure, encrypted Bluetooth LE™ connection
  • Bluetooth connection with AES 256 bit encryption
  • Easy to use jog-dial menu navigation
  • Integrated distance logout
  • Set "prefer device" for selecting the device you want to connect with (for multi device user)
  • Using NFC functionality of the smart card while the card remains inserted
  • Updating firmware via USB

Displayed Notifications

(on low power 132x32 LCD display)

  • Status of Bluetooth connection, smart card and battery
  • Information of AirID device

Supported Platforms: iOS (not for CAC/PIV use), Android (not for CAC/PIV use), Windows 10, Linux, Windows 7 (with ONEKEY BRIDGE), MacOS (with ONEKEY BRIDGE) ID-1 Smart Cards


AirID 2 Datasheet

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