certgate AirID 2 Mini Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

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AirID 2 Mini is a wireless, flexible smart card reader in a very compact, key fob form factor. You don’t even have to pull your AirID2 Mini from your pocket. As soon as you leave your workplace, AirID automatically locks your computer.

AirID 2 Mini is a wireless, flexible smart card reader in a very compact key fob form factor. AirID 2 Mini connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or non mobile systems via Bluetooth, NFC and USB. Any standard ID-000 (Micro SIM format) smart card can be inserted and made available wireless - completely independent of physical interfaces.

The Bluetooth connection of AirID 2 Mini is highly secure and protected by an additional layer of AES256 encryption. Use case examples include Single Sign On for multiple devices (MSSO), multi-factor authentication for devices & applications, easy authentication for mobile workers, devices Auto-log-off by distance measurement, non-contact authentication for protected areas for healthcare and hospitals, Multi Cloud Service Authentication, secure voice & chat communication, secure email communication and signature, physical access with electronic ID, off device key security, and many more. 


  • Smartcard Log-on
  • Automatic distance log-off
  • Sign documents VPN
  • Email encryption
  • Hard drive encryption
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Secure printing
  • Access control
  • Payment
  • Time recording


AirID 2 Mini Datasheet

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